The Lower Carbon Option

The Carbon Option is Lowest. Auto gas cars lower running cost. Auto gas is less expensive than Petrol or Diesel. Engine oil and spark plugs need changing less often with LPG, So service cost are reduced.Government and European Commission targets for the reduction of CO2 for road transport are ambitious and vehicle manufacturers are failing to meet the targets set. A study quoted approximately 30 million cars on our roads that produce their own weight in CO2 every 6,000 miles. The average UK mileage is considered to be 9,000 miles per annum of which the vast majority is fuelled by petrol producing a staggering 3.47 tonnes of CO2 per vehicle a year.

Autogas in Bangladesh

LPG is made during natural gas processing and oil refining. LPG is separated from unprocessed natural gas using refrigeration. This LPG can be used as is or separated into its three primary parts: propane, butane and isobutane.The LPG fuel used in LPG powered cars is called AUTO GAS . Its cleaner, Greener and Cheaper.LPG Auto gas is environmentally friendly as well used friendly alternative fuel in Bangladesh.CNG converted car/vehicle (150cc) with 60WL cylinder can run 90-100km per filling (60L LPG cylinder). If your 1500cc car run 10KM/Litre (TK:89.00). That car if you convert to Auto gas it will run 10KM/Litre LPG(50.00) also.

As an Automotive Fuel

Auto gas is the common name for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when it is used as a fuel is internal combustion engine in vehicles as well as stationary application such as generators.Liquefied Petroleum Gas – describes flammable hydrocarbon gases including propane, butane and mixtures of these gases.LPG, liquefied through pressurisation, comes from natural gas processing and oil refining.LPG is used as heating, cooking and auto fuel.In different countries, what is supplied can be propane, butane or propane-butane blends.In Banglaesh LPG is just propane and butane. Propane is LPG but not all LPG is propane.

Advantages over other fuels

  • The combustion of Autogas is smoother as a result of the higher-octane content. Unlike other fuels, no additives are required to guarantee high quality.
  • Autogas contains no lead and is therefore cleaner.
  • Combustion is actually better than petrol because the fule reaches the engine in a pure gaseous helping with improved combustion.
  • With modern technology, there is hardly any discharge of carbon monoxide, and compared to petrol and diesel, the exhaust fumes contain less harmful substances along with a well proven reduction in C02 gas.
  • The life of the engine is extended as a result of the absence of acids and carbon deposits.
  • The engine oil does not become diluted with a consequential reduction in servicing costs.
  • Unlike diesel, you do not have to adjust your driving style. Cold starting is no problem; engine performance is almost exactly the same as with petrol. There is no spilling when filling your tank and no possibility of theft or pilfering. Engine noise is low and you'll be driving in a more environment-friendly way.
  • The environmental advantages of Autogas for automotive use are indisputable.

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